iPinYou Global RTB Bidding Algorithm Competition Dataset

What is this dataset?

The iPinYou Global RTB(Real-Time Bidding) Bidding Algorithm Competition is organized by iPinYou from April 1st, 2013 to December 31st, 2013.The competition has been divided into three seasons. For each season, a training dataset is released to the competition participants, the testing dataset is reserved by iPinYou. The complete testing dataset is randomly divided into two parts: one part is the leaderboard testing dataset to score and rank the participating teams on the leaderboard, and the other part is reserved for the final offline evaluation. The participant's last offline submission is evaluated by the reserved testing dataset to get a team's offline final score. This dataset contains all three seasons training datasets and leaderboard testing datasets.The reserved testing datasets are withheld by iPinYou. The training dataset includes a set of processed iPinYou DSP bidding, impression, click, and conversion logs.

Dataset Download

  • Baidu WebDrive: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1kTwX2mF [Download]
  • UCL computational advertising server: http://data.computational-advertising.org [Download]


    The data is made available for non-commercial use.


  • Official website of iPinYou Global RTB Bidding Algorithm Competition. http://contest.ipinyou.com
  • Hairen Liao, Lingxiao Peng, Zhenchuan Liu, Xuehua Shen.iPinYou Global RTB Bidding Algorithm Competition Dataset. ADKDD.2014 [PDF]
  • Weinan Zhang,Shuai Yuan, Jun Wang, Xuehua Shen. Real-Time Bidding Benchenmarking with iPinYou Dataset. Technical report. UCL.2014 [PDF]


    If you have any questions about the dataset, please contact dsp-competition@ipinyou.com.